Computer sales & services

Whether you need to manage your business or simply check your email, we have a variety of computers to meet your needs and your price range. If you have an idea for what you are wanting to get out of your computer, the Computer Plus Team can help you find a machine that will perform all of the tasks that you need.

Upgrades & repairs

Is your computer having trouble running the applications you need to use? It may be time for an upgrade or repair. We can diagnose your computer problems and determine whether you have a faulty piece of hardware or just need some more RAM. Sometimes you are better suited by upgrading your current computer rather than purchasing an entirely new computer. We now repair cellphones, tablets, and televisions!

Data recovery, back-up & storage

Have a hard drive with all of your photos and important documents? You should strongly consider purchasing back-up and extra storage so that you won't lose them if your hard drive fails. If your drive has already failed or is acting strangely, all hope may not be lost. We can perform data recovery to attempt to retrieve your lost files.

Virus, adware/spyware & malware removal

Troubled by constant pop-ups, virus alerts, or strange computer activity? It's likely that you have some form of adware/spyware, malware, or even viruses on your computer. We can remove all of these dangerous things from your computer and add specialized programs to ensure you don't become infected again so that your sensitive information remains safe.


Do you have more than one computer and would like to set up a network? We can perform secure networking for your home or business so that you can access shared devices and files without worrying about complications or security holes. A network can be composed of two or more computers with a number of shared devices such as printers or fax machines.

Faxes, copies & Notary public

Are you needing to fax, copy, or notarize documents? The Computer Plus Team can perform all of these services at a very affordable cost. You can easily send faxes, make high-quality copies of documents, or have your documents notarized. We can also give you provide you with the best faxing and printing solutions for your home or business.

Custom built computers

There are many components that determine how a well a computer can perform certain tasks. Some people need to quickly access multiple applications while others need a computer that can run only a few applications that take up a lot of space on their hard drive. We can build a computer that is customized to meet your needs so that you don't end up with features you will never use on a computer that can barely run the applications you actually need.